Since its foundation, FRANKONIA has been nurturing intensive partnerships with distinguished institutional investors, especially with large German insurance companies and international real estate and finance groups. They act as both strategic equity partners and buyers for the profitable real estate portfolios developed by FRANKONIA.

An essential feature of such an equity partnership is that, for concrete property development measures, FRANKONIA's expertise, technical competency and operational economic potential is combined with the high financing potential of the institutional partners in a joint project company, specifically established for this purpose.


Here, alongside high levels of flexibility and speed, the ideally harmonised performance profile of both partners guarantees the intensive exploitation of synergy effects and ensures maximum security for all developmental and financial partners involved in the project's execution.

In principle, the individual project company is financially and organisationally independent from the project development company. While FRANKONIA's project development company acts as a purely service-orientated organisation that, in exchange for appropriate remuneration, undertakes all operative and classic project development tasks right through to construction and real estate management, the equity partners provide the necessary equity in exchange for appropriate interest returns.


Of all the FRANKONIA projects completed to date and those yet to be completed, with an investment volume of over €2.5 billion, a large number of projects have been backed by equity partners. This is evidence of FRANKONIA's high performance and ability to successfully form such joint companies with large German insurance firms and other important institutional investors.

Take advantage of this opportunity to invest your equity capital.

For more information on financial cooperation opportunities, contact Mr Uwe Schmitz, Chairman of FRANKONIA Eurobau AG

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Are you a landowner, architect or real estate broker with a plot to offer that, based on its location and site requirements, is suitable for a FRANKONIA development? Contact us quickly and easily. We will quickly consider whether an acquisition is a possibility. A collaborative development based on a joint venture is also an alternative to an acquisition.

Benefit from working with a leading German real estate company.

For more information on plot acquisition and potential cooperation, contact Mr Uwe Schmitz, Chairman of FRANKONIA Eurobau AG

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