Creative visit to Hamburg

Hamburg, 25 July 2012 – One of the most beautiful property developments in Hamburg raises its profile significantly. The interior architecture of Sophienterrassen directly on the outer Alster is to being brought a notch to increase the prestigious nature of the development. To guarantee that the esprit and personal charm of this exclusive residential development is brought to the highest level Karl Lagerfeld will pay a creative visit to his hometown. As previously reported the internationally renowned fashion creator and designer from Paris will undertake the interior design for a number of selected apartments and penthouses. Furthermore Lagerfeld will also design the entrance hall and the Club Lounge in the former German army commandant headquarters, to be known as the “Sophienpalais”.

“The progress is amazing”, said the artist during his two-hour stay in Harvestehude. “I am very impressed by how this prime piece of land in the centre of Hamburg has developed” he is delighted to be able to contribute to the success of this outstanding project in such a prominent location in Hamburg. Karl Lagerfeld came with a lot of new ideas ranging from the colour scheme to designer radiators and the covers for the Club sofas.

Sabine Stecher resident architect for Frankonia Eurobau accompanied Mr Lagerfeld. She has already visited the artist six times in his Parisian studio and was there recently while he was creating a book about the Sophienterrassen project. “He was in high spirits and had worked through the night”, remembers Sabine Stecher. In his own incomparable way he was in the process of creating apartments with unique elegance and atmosphere. Several of his collages, which he prepared separately, can already be seen in the Villa Sophie on Mittelweg. There, in the Sophienterrassen show house prospective buyers can get an impression of the interior design to come. Just before his return flight to Paris Karl Lagerfeld announced that he wanted to create an exclusive carpet for Sophienpalais.

Picture 1: Frankonia architect Sabine Stecher works with Karl Lagerfeld on the interior architecture for the apartments in the Alster Villas.
Picture 2:During his visit to Sophienterrassen Karl Lagerfeld is impressed by the development of the project
Picture 3: Karl Lagerfeld and the Frankonia Team discuss details of the design of the future Sophienpalais.

26 July 2012