Heinrich Heine Gärten


Final site acquired on Hansa Allee to complete the new residential quarter.

FRANKONIA Eurobau has purchased another site on Hansa Allee to round off the new residential quarter in Düsseldorf.

All good things take time: Following intensive efforts on the part of FRANKONIA Eurobau they have finally become the owners of the corner site on Hansa Allee. Up to now there was a petrol station (Aral) and a car repair garage located on the almost 1,300m2 site. Just a few days after the expiry of the lease the site was transferred to the investor. This now completes the area for the exclusive residential quarter Heinrich Heine Gärten.

During the completion of the first phase of the project this site was like a thorn in the side of the fledgling Düsseldorf city quarter and interfered with the overall planning and symmetry of the new development. The demolition permit for the petrol station and the garage is expected by the end of the year at the latest. The petrol tanks have already been properly disposed of under the supervision of the Düsseldorf Department of the Environment.

This piece of land was integrated into the plans from the beginning. Here FRANKONIA plans to build a modern apartment building with around 35 units. Not only does this complete the architectural design of the quarter, but it also extends the range of attractive accommodation in a highly sought after district of Düsseldorf.

Building is set to begin in summer 2013. Until then the site will be used as a customer car park for visitors to the FRANKONIA show house in Heinrich Heine Gärten.

In total 23 houses with 360 units will be built on the 44,000m2 site of the former rail freight depot. The new quarter in Düsseldorf’s Heerdt district will provide single people, young families and retired people a comfortable living environment in green surroundings, close to the city centre. It also represents an attractive investment on the increasingly scarce property market in the North Rhine-Westphalian capital.

29 October 2012