Amateur show jumping raises €1,700 for charity

(Nörten, Hardenberg) The members of the German Amateur Show Jumping Club always strive for perfection. The riders who do not earn their livings in the saddle, but have totally lost their hearts to equestrian sport managed to raise €1,700 for charity at a hill tournament in Hardenberg. This was made possible by the involvement of FRANKONIA Eurobau AG: The company donated €100 for every clear round in the final of the Amateur Show Jumping Club Trophy, which took place in the Escon Jumping Club on Sunday. The donations are in aid of AWA Aktionsgemeinschaft (community action) Viersen, West Africa e.V.. The riders determination never abated leading to a total 17 perfect rounds that had to be sponsored making a final donation €1,700.

The AWA charity has been supporting development work in West Africa for the last 30 years. Now children and young people in Togo will benefit from the athletic merits of the amateur riders. “Helping people to help themselves” is the AWA’s motto. FRANKONIA has been supporting their work for many years, including sponsoring 65 children and being involved in the building and running of a clinic, a sewing school, and a metalwork workshop. School and vocational education are at the centre of the work of the initiative. At the CHI Donaueschingen in September the amateur show jumpers will compete once again for the glory of sporting achievement and to support aid to West Africa.

4 June 2013