Heinrich Heine Gärten


Heinrich Heine Gärten is being completed piece by piece. An important milestone was the planning permission for a section on Hansa Allee, which forms a corner stone of the development. On the 17 October the demolition of the old car repair workshop and petrol station concourse on this site will begin.

When the demolition work is finished we will first start to build downwards before the skeleton structure of the building starts to grow upwards. Finally the interiors will be built to create a total of 36 rental apartments ranging from 75 to 144 m2. The apartments in Heinrich Heine Gärten will be ready to move into at the end of the coming year.

Almost at the same time as this last milestone of the first phase of the building, construction will also begin on the second phase of the development. We are expecting to be granted planning approval by the beginning of December at the latest, so that work can start in the lead up to Christmas.

211 apartments of different sizes will be built in the second phase. As the development of Heinrich Heine Gärten has so far run according to schedule we estimate that the second phase will be completed on time so that all of the apartments in Heinrich Heine Gärten will be ready to move into by the middle of 2015. Until then there is a lot to do, not least looking forward to a wonderful new residential area.

14 October 2013