Architectural competition opened for development on Schinkelplatz in Berlin

The developers Projektgesellschaft Europrojekt GmbH and FRANKONIA Eurobau Immobilien GmbH along with the insurance company LVM Münster A.G. have purchased 2,685 m2 of development land on Berlin’s Schinkelplatz. The site is the south section of the complete area to be developed on Schinkelplatz. This is a premium location in Berlin, directly opposite the former Berliner Castle, which will also be rebuilt. Other landmark buildings nearby are Kronprinzenpalais (Crown Prince Palace), the Friedrichswerdersche Church, the Foreign Office, the Arsenal and the historical Berlin Building Academy, which will also be restored based on plans by Karl Friedrich Schinkel. There is hardly another piece of land in Europe to match this prestigious location.

According to the inner city town planning for Berlin the development of this site is seen as the keystone to the completion of the once destroyed Friedrichswerder area. The site has planning for a mixture of residential and inner city business space. The outstanding location of the site calls for an architectural concept of the highest standard. 15 teams of architects have been invited to take part in the competition. All of them are qualified to present a modern and open interpretation of the Prussian-influenced architectural style of the area. The fact that the site is directly opposite the Foreign Office is also reflected in the international representation among the competitors. The various building projects necessary for the site have been allocated among the different teams of architects.

17 October 2013