Natural stone in abundance on Harvestehuder Weg

Around 185,000 diorite paving stones have been laid in the gardens and squares of Sophienterrassen. With their compact, square shape and soft grey shades, these natural stone slabs from the Chinese province of Fujian complete the look of the development and enhance its charm.

In addition, four high quality natural stone benches have been built around the Square, inviting residents and guests to linger. Measuring 6.70 meters in length and one meter wide, they offer comfortable places to sit. The serpentinite for these benches comes from Ticino in Italy. Each bench weighs an impressive 3.75 tons.

A further 41 benches have been placed along Harvestehuder Weg. These have been distributed across the lawns and landscaped paths. Just like the paving stones, they are also made of Chinese diorite. The benches store the sun’s heat and are very inviting as a place to relax in the evening. Weighing about 3.4 tons, they are also real heavyweights.

19 May 2014