Gardens and landscaping completed

The gardens and landscaping around Sophienterrassen and the Campus on Mittelweg have been completed. They feature two distinctive elements: green planted areas or lawns and paved pathways or squares. The green areas have been used as decorative elements and to give height to the overall landscape design as they are often in the form of raised beds, which border paved pathways. This gives a three-dimensional effect, as the light plays on the green islands and the pale grey of the stone. In areas where the difference in levels is less, majestic trees rising out of the planting become more distinctive. Unlike other new developments where typically there is a stock of young trees and shrubs, Sophienterrassen is graced with centuries old trees, which already crown the gardens and even reach above the buildings.

The pathways and squares are also worthy of mention: amongst others, 185,000 diorite paving stones have been laid. This natural stone comes from the Chinese province of Fujian. The four large benches on the “Square” are also natural stone. These are a real eye catcher as each bench is almost 7 meters long and weighs a hefty 3.75 tonnes. But the benches are not only beautiful to look at, they are also very comfortable as the stone naturally stores the heat of the sun, inviting you to sit down and while away a balmy evening. Along Harvestehuder Weg there are a further 41 benches positioned around the green areas and pathways enticing you to relax in the beautiful gardens.

17 July 2014