Düsseldorf – everything on schedule

Düsseldorf is one of the most attractive cities and property markets in Germany. And Frankonia Eurobau is one of the most attractive developers in the city. Currently the company is developing Heinrich Heine Gärten on Hansaallee, Andreas Quartier in the old town and is planning two residential towers in Medienhafen (Media Harbour). In an interview with the Rhineische Post newspaper Uwe Schmitz, chairman of Frankonia Eurobau AG praised Düsseldorf: all of his projects are on schedule and the business is going well, with the second phase of Heinrich Heine Gärten currently under construction.

225 of the 375 residential units in Heinrich Heine Gärten have already been sold. Completion of this project is expected by the end of 2015. The same goes for Andreas Quartier in the old town. This new quarter situated between Ratingerstrasse, Mühlenstrasse, Neubrückstrasse and Liefergasse will have 300 apartments as well as shops and offices, 30 percent of which have already been sold. From Frankonia’s point of view, this is a normal rate relative to the current stage of the building. Among the properties sold are the three upper floors of one of the interior complexes.

As regards the third project in Düsseldorf – the two residential towers in Medienhafen – talks are currently under way with the city. They relate to the design of the façade, and have almost reached a conclusion.

23 July 2014