The background to the additional charges

“Many property owners and tenants are increasingly looking at the rising level of additional charges for utilities and services”, said Uwe Schmitz, chairman of Frankonia Eurobau plc, in a guest appearance on Das Between 2005 and 2011 additional charges rose by 30%, the main reason for this was “exploding” energy prices. However, as is often the case, it depends greatly on the individual services included in the total charge. The chairman mentioned for example refuse disposal, garden upkeep or even concierge services. In the high-end segment, services such as a doorman or a private sauna for residents are not just sources of additional cost, they also significantly enhance quality of life and often tip the balance in favour of a particular property. This is why, when looking at additional charges, it is important to differentiate and look at what is included in the total sum.

24 July 2014