Listed buildings as a business model – Uwe Schmitz in an interview with the FAZ newspaper

“Cities that have a wealth of beautiful buildings not only entice people to come and live there but also attract visitors and businesses”, said Uwe Schmitz, chairman of Frankonia Eurobau, in a feature about him in the property magazine Immobilienmanager. As elements that create a city “room”, every building plays its part in forming the urban environment. If you walk through Hamburg, Berlin or Düsseldorf you will notice, at least in the centre, that the urban landscape is much more pleasing than it was a decade ago. One of the reasons for this is that the aesthetic sense on the part of private and public developers has changed dramatically. The role of architecture and its influence on our immediate environment is being seen in a new light, and as cities grow more beautiful, they will increasingly draw more people, whether it is to live, work or just visit.

08 August 2014