Kloster Gärten, Münster

Kloster Gärten: Münster unimaginable without our new city quarter

It is now more than four years since FRANKONIA’S Kloster Gärten was established in the city of Münster. Part of the overall concept for Kloster Gärten was to develop a city quarter with its own concierge. This is the first time this kind of development has been offered in Münster and as our sales and lettings are showing it is paying off. To date almost all of the apartments in Kloster Gärten have been sold and the number of residents is rising steadily.

The new residents in this modern city quarter, right in the centre of Münster, value the extensive range of concierge services available and use them to make the daily challenges of life easier. They have also discovered that the extras such as the Club Lounge or the Spa area offer more and more opportunities to socialise with neighbours. In fact, in response to popular demand the concierge service has just been extended to include the entire weekend and public holidays.

7 January 2015