Andreas Quartier

A monument to Mutter Ey

FRANKONIA Eurobau is erecting a statue to Johanna Ey, one of the most important gallery owners and patrons of modern art, in Andreas Quartier, in Düsseldorf’s old town. The monument will be designed by sculptor Bert Gerresheim and will be on show on Neubrückstraße where FRANKONIA Eurobau are currently developing a building that will later house the Mutter Ey Café. On the first floor FRANKONIA Eurobau will offer students of the Kunstakademie (Academy of Art) a permanent space for exhibitions.

Uwe-Jens Ruhnau, chief regional editor of the Rhineischen Post newspaper in Düsseldorf welcomes FRANKONIA Eurobau’s plan. In an editorial he commended the chairman of FRANKONIA, Uwe Schmitz.

16 March 2015