Andreas Quartier

Local politicians vote on new Mutter Ey Square

Next Friday, August 28, 2015 the district council I will vote on whether the newly created area between FRANKONIA Eurobau’s Andreas Quartier and Neubrückenstraße will be named Mutter Ey Square or not. Mutter Ey supported the Düsseldorf art scene in the 1920s with her own publishing house and a gallery. She is considered to be one of the most important gallery owners and patrons of modern painting.

In recognition of her selfless work for the art scene in the entire city, sculptor Bert Gerresheim has also designed a Mutter Ey statue for FRANKONIA Eurobau. This sculpture will be 2.5 meters high and cast in bronze by Prof. Karl-Heinz Schmäke’s art foundry and will welcome future visitors to Neubrückenstraße. In addition to the sculpture a new “Mutter Ey Café” will be opened in Andreas Quartier.

25 August 2015