Schinkelplatz, Berlin

FRANKONIA illuminates palace façade

To announce the launch of the new project “Berlin-Schinkelplatz”, 120 guests were invited to a very special event entitled “Walk from Prussia to Europe” on 13 October in the historical centre of Berlin. The highpoint of the event was the light installation on the west facade of Berlin City Palace, which was switched on by FRANKONIA Eurobau chairman, Uwe Schmitz at 8 pm, as part of the Festival of Lights. The installation was on Schinkelplatz and presented the future view from some of the apartments in the new development of the historic façade of the City Palace. “This event highlights the importance this new building on Schinkelplatz has for us. We are proud to be able to reawaken the historical centre of Berlin with this project,” said Uwe Schmitz.

21 October 2015