Building project on Schinkelplatz, Berlin

Frankonia is aware of the great responsibility it holds when carrying out work in the immediate vicinity of Friedrichswerder Church. This is particularly true in view of the problems that have occurred as a result of the building works on the western side of the church, from which Frankonia has drawn the appropriate lessons from the outset. Consequently a special method has been developed for the excavation and early warning and prevention systems have been installed. In total Frankonia has invested between €2 and €3 million in the excavation system and the various safety and prevention measures.

The excavation method was developed in cooperation with the conservation authorities and in coordination with the church. The method is of a significantly higher quality than the excavation carried out for the construction of the now almost finished building on the west side of the church. The Frankonia works cause less shaking as the diaphragm walls that secure the subsoil are significantly more stable than those used for the building on the west side of the church.

The early warning and prevention systems provide for continuous measurements on and in Friedrichswerder Church during the construction. Frankonia has been allowed access to the church so that the measuring instruments could be installed. Some of the measuring devices have already been installed inside of the church while all of the instruments have been installed on the outside. This permanent monitoring is designed to prevent any damage to this historic building. The monitoring system was agreed upon from the outset between the church authorities and Frankonia and construction will start only when the system was been put into operation.

Furthermore, a second surveyor will also test every individual stage of the building. The selection of the surveyors, structural engineers, engineers and other experts was carried out in cooperation with the state church authorities. Frankonia would like to continue to work closely with the leaders of the church; therefore the company has also signed a neighbour’s agreement with the church authorities.

26 October 2015