Frankonia EUROBAU auctions works of art for a good cause

Frankonia EUROBAU auctioned several works of art during the charity auction “Art, Culture + More” on 5 November. The auction was held in the Italian Embassy and all proceeds go to the charity foundation for the restoration of Berlin City Palace. “We are pleased to be able to contribute to the Berlin Palace – which is in the immediate vicinity of our project on Schinkelplatz – and we intend to continue to support the reconstruction of the City Palace until it is restored it to its former glory,” says Uwe Schmitz, CEO of Frankonia EUROBAU. A total of four artworks were auctioned. These include the sculpture “Genienkopf” (genius head), the main relief panel “Adlerkartusche unter dem Balkon” (eagle crest under the balcony) by Matthias Körner, the painting “Königin Luise” by Nikolai Makarov and plans for the Berliner Palace autographed by the architect Franco Stella.

“Genius head” is a colossal study of the head of Pax, one of the two sculptured heads on the palace. Artist Matthias Körner rediscovered and reconstructed the head, which, for many years, had been thought to be lost. The reconstructions were created in twice their original size especially for the studies - one of which was auctioned by Frankonia EUROBAU in aid of the restoration of the Palace. In the future the copies of the heads will once again adorn the sculptured panels of the palace portals. The allegorical main relief “eagle crest under the balcony” is the model for the three dimensional reconstruction of the stuccowork which will once again adorn the City Palace in future.

The art auction is part of FRANKONIA Eurobau’s ongoing commitment to the restoration of Berlin City Palace. Recently the company has worked with the renowned artist HA Schult to this end. On the occasion of the annual “Festival of Lights” the west facade of the City Palace was illuminated with a light installation. During the event, “Walk from Prussia to Europe” Frankonia EUROBAU and HA Schult presented and sold pictures from the installation and sold them to the guests present. The proceeds were also donated to the foundation for the restoration of the Palace. A limited number of these pictures are still available (for more information contact 00 (0) 30 203 93 40).

In April 2015 Frankonia EUROBAU already collaborated with the HA Schult in Düsseldorf. There, artworks by him were exhibited in Andreas Quartier, a project developed by Frankonia EUROBAU.

15 November 2015