Frankonia EUROBAU and artist HA Schult work together for a good cause

Frankonia EUROBAU continues its fruitful collaboration with the renowned artist HA Schult. As part of the “Festival of Lights” the Berlin City Palace was illuminated and HA Schult presented new works of art there in the windows of the Palace. The pictures represent “the walk from Prussia to Europe” in the form of lively portraits of important figures from ancient and recent history, as well as contemporary personalities. Frankonia EUROBAU supports the exhibition from their project on Schinkelplatz, directly opposite the castle. “HA Schult has enriched the event. His art in conjunction with the Festival of Lights have the given City Place and Humboldt Forum a unique atmosphere,” said Uwe Schmitz, CEO of Frankonia EUROBAU.

On the first evening nine of the art works were already sold. The full proceeds from the sale will be donated to the foundation for the reconstruction of Berlin City Palace. The remaining works are still available in limited quantities. The proceeds will also be donated to the charity, (for more information: 030-2039340).

16 November 2015